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Session Topics Creating Bible Charts in Excel for Beginners This session is designed to take a student who has never used Excel from learning the most basic Excel functions to producing a chart that will fulfill the requirements of BE assignments here at DTS.

Training session

Availability Using the Detection Kill Chain Workflow ExtraHop Reveal x can detect unusual network behavior associated with different phases of an attack. Security detections help you learn about security risks, what type of attack is associated with the risk, and which devices are affected by the risk.

In this session we examine the organization of detections into an attack chain workflow.

Training session

We review details - such Training session the type of issue, when the issue occurred, and the source of the issue - for detections in each section of the attack chain and their relevance and priority in a security detection. ExtraHop Reveal x enables you to evaluate the highest immediate risks, focus on the affected devices, and understand who those devices are communicating with.

In Training session session, we explain risk scores for detectors and advisory signal metrics. We review how to utilize the information from imported threat intelligence, such as suspicious IPs, host names, or URLs. We explain what ExtraHop is seeing in your environment, what the metrics mean, review correlations between events and protocol data and discuss insights into possible impact and causes.

Different pivots on the metrics apps vs Groups. We review the metrics ExtraHop collects and what they mean in the context of your environment.

We discuss correlation between metrics and how to diagnose a problem or identify an improvement opportunity based on the data. We pivot on different views into the protocol groups vs application containers and create dashboards to show how best to visualize the health and performance of that protocol in your environment.

We build a basic dashboard, explore different chart types, and demonstrate the elements that make your dashboards effective. We expand our exploration of chart types and discuss which chart types to use when.

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We demonstrate different ways to organize and present data and how to provide context so that it is meaningful to your targeted audience.

We demonstrate the concepts of a multi-tiered dashboard that visualizes communication across multiple tiers of an application. We explore which peers a device is communicating with, what protocols are in use, when a device acts as a client or a server and whether the device activity is normal or not.

We demonstrate how to interpret the L2-L7 metrics and charts to help you determine if a device is having an issue, or if it is an application or network problem. We view the default device groups ExtraHop creates based on role or L7 protocol, and we create custom device groups based on a narrower scope, such devices that support one business application.

We extend the discussion to customizing devices, such as changing device properties, creating custom devices and remote networks, and explain device limits and whitelisting.

In this session we discuss the different types of alerts, the conditions that can be configured to alert on and how we can determine that an alert has fired. We create a basic threshold alert based on a condition in your environment you want to monitor, examine how we send an alert through email or integrate with other sources through SNMP or syslog.Yayoi training For this new session, we will keep our favorite fictional character Paul.

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Paul is an engineer at SunnyFlower, a flourishing (and also fictional!) consultancy company in solar  · WebEx Training Center makes your online training programs more effective. You can deliver live, interactive sessions to students anywhere, and keep them engaged with hands-on training, tests, and breakout sessions to enhance their We’ve all been there—trapped in a training session, listening to some facilitator drone on about who knows what.

Don't want to be that person? We've got your guide to leading a session that people will actually enjoy. The Diocese of Fort Worth currently offers in person training for Adult Volunteers and Employees. For more information about the training process, please visit this Training session Training session Organisation of your trip.

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