Special writing paper

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Special writing paper

The key principal of Remarkable is to be a tool that feels like paper and pen when used for writing and sketching.


The company says they spent four years developing display-stylus technology that mimics the tactility and response of paper. Essentially, you get a inch ereader with a special display laid over E ink display technology that turns the device into a slate for writing and drawing.

The stylus is included.

Special writing paper

The display-stylus combination can recognize a wide variety of pressures and angles, producing results like handwriting or drawing on paper would produce. One of the new features is the conversion of handwriting into text that can be edited and inserted into other documents.

Here is a video clip that shows how the handwriting conversion works on the Remarkable: The fall software update to the Remarkable writing tablet has so many new features that it makes me wonder how all those customers who bought the product before the update used their device?

Probably many of them had a specific task in mind how they wanted to use the product, like researchers who have to read a lot of documents or knowledge workers who have to study both technical and business documents.

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Apple and Microsoft have also discovered this market, but have developed tablets to meet the needs of people who want to write with a pen. The iPad Pro and Surface Pro are powerful, high end tablets that allow handwriting, note taking, and drawing with a stylus.

Other e-reader vendors have also turned their attention to 8 and 10 inch devices. Many of these products come with stylus that let you write and draw on the screen. Some of the manufacturers are Onyx and Boyue.

Partially powered by E-ink Carta technology. The screen has paper-like surface friction. No glass parts, making it robust. The included stylus features a high-friction pen tip. Tilt detection and levels of pressure sensitivity. Dimensions x x 6.

Weight approximately gram. Operating system is a customized Linux software called Codex. Remarkable has its own cloud service where product owners can automatically sync the works they draft on the slate.The Paper Mill Store offers the widest selection of specialty paper, card stock and envelopes for paper enthusiasts and graphics professionals in reams, boxes or bulk, from top paper mills, shipped from our Paper Valley Wisconsin warehouse.

Check out this collection of printable writing paper for kids. We have a nice variety of lined paper to choose from including different sized lines and different layouts. We also several different versions that include spots for kids to able to draw pictures so they can be used for writing practice.

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