Roller skating my literacy

See Article History Roller-skating, recreational and competitive sport in which the participants use special shoes fitted with small wheels to move about on rinks or paved surfaces.

Roller skating my literacy

Learning to Roller Skate: I got my roller skates just six months ago, in the middle of April. Before that, I had never skated before. Not roller-skates, not roller blades, not ice-skating, not that silly side-to-side sliding exerciser they sell on late night TV, nada.

Learning to skate as someone old enough to hold a mortgage is deeply terrifying, and I salute anyone who is giving it a shot.

Roller skating my literacy

I have no medical or sports knowledge! In fact, my sports knowledge has a negative score!

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Getting started To learn to roller skate, all you need is roller skates, right? Get your self a full set of safety gear: A mouth guard is good to have too, as you start to practice fancy things.

Roller skating my literacy

Believe me, you need all of this gear. You will fall down, a lot. You may also want to invest in some sort of padded shorts. If you have any interest in roller derby, you need to learn to fall safely.

Practice inside, on a nice thick carpet or a couple of yoga mats, until you are very comfortable falling. Knee Fall Get in all of your gear. Keep your feet parallel, shoulder-width apart. You never want your knees to be straight as you learn.

The more you bend your knees, the more stable you are. If you stand up straight and lock your knees, you are going to fall over. Do a front lunge, and let your knee rest on the carpet.

Be sure to come down on your knee very gently. Stand up—but keep your knees bent. Do it again, and again, until you are comfortable. Dropping gently to one knee is the safest and surest way to stop for a beginner—assuming you are wearing your kneepads, of course.

As you get more comfortable, work on dropping to a knee and getting back up without putting your hands down. Clench and Pick a Side You will fall on your butt a lot as you learn.

In my language arts/ writing classes I have written many pieces involving my hobby of roller skating. I have written personal experiences, how to pieces, and even how it has shaped my literacy . Skating one day after school, she rescues a boy whose fruit stand has been toppled by bullies. She learns that the boy's name is Tony Coppino and that the bullies have been repeatedly raiding the fruit Roller Skates Literacy Skills Teacher's Guide. Over the last year, we have been introduced to roller skating and it has quickly become my kids’ favorite indoor activity! So I am super excited to share with you some more info on the best place to go roller skating on Long Island and why I know you will love roller skating too!

Stand up, but keep your knees bent. Stick your but out, and feel the bottom of your spine. A tailbone bruise can take months to feel better, and a tailbone break takes at least six months to heal. Stand up knees bent Clench your butt, and feel for your tailbone.

If you clench your glutes, the muscle protects your tailbone. Get down as low to the ground as you can.Indoor Roller Skating Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - End date: Nov 21, My Skate Center © All rights reserved.

Find a Rink big list of roller skating rinks The goal here is to put skaters in touch with skating rinks. If you’re looking for a rink, click on your state’s abbreviation and then click on the rink that looks interesting.

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Oct 13,  · How to Roller Skate. Roller skating and rollerblading can be a fun leisure activity, a great form of exercise, a competitive sport, or a mode of transportation.

Once you learn the proper stance and how to glide and stop, you'll be sailing around the rink in 90%(85). Roller Skates A basic guide to roller skates. Information on Boots, Plates, Wheels, Bearings & Maintenance Home > Roller Skates > Riedell Rollerskates > Skate Fitting Information > Skates the higher the number, the harder the wheel.

Softer wheels are used for outdoor skating (78A or 84A). Outdoor wheels are softer to provide a.

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