Like a winding sheet that changes characters

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Like a winding sheet that changes characters

The very expression, "like a Swiss watch", evokes powerful and almost universal imagery. Of a mechanical device. Put together with loving labor. With cogs and wheels engaging.

Each with its unique purpose. Every piece saying something. And together, telling time.

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Time — as reckoned in different measures: The Jura region in North Western Switzerland is known for its watch-making prowess. I was fortunate to get an opportunity to visit Switzerland a few years back.

I learned about the centuries-long history of watch-making. And of the many advances that led to today's precision wrist watches that keep time to within a second in a century. I also learned that it was not always thus. I was told that wrist watches approximated time, when they first became available in the late 16th century.

Over the last several centuries, pieces were added and subtracted. Metals and minerals were chosen and discarded. Gems and jewels were used to defy wear-out; and to create predictable dynamic friction.

Movements were experimented with. Many showed early promise, but eventually fell by the wayside. Today, there are several constructs in a Swiss watch which are taken for granted.

For example, an automatic movement, which implies that the watch needs no winding. The gearing ratios, which — I was told — were some of the most closely guarded secrets when the Industry was in its infancy.

I have started to zero-in on the Swiss watch as my reference framework. In many ways, the broad Internet community is like an evolving Swiss watch.First, let us study the title “Like a Winding Sheet” the words Winding Sheet means “shroud”, this indicate the characters of the story could have a shroud hanging oven him?

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Like a winding sheet that changes characters

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