Is dance considered an art or

Even folk… Dance is a powerful impulse, but the art of dance is that impulse channeled by skillful performers into something that becomes intensely expressive and that may delight spectators who feel no wish to dance themselves. These two concepts of the art of dance—dance as a powerful impulse and dance as a skillfully choreographed art practiced largely by a professional few—are the two most important connecting ideas running through any consideration of the subject. In dance, the connection between the two concepts is stronger than in some other arts, and neither can exist without the other. Although the above broad definition covers all forms of the art, philosophers and critics throughout history have suggested different definitions of dance that have amounted to little more than descriptions of the kind of dance with which each writer was most familiar.

Is dance considered an art or

I recommend you read her post. She provides some excellent YouTube examples to get you thinking!! One of her commenters, Anna, offered a great quote in her post that I want to share: Entertainment In my view art can be entertaining and entertainment can be artistic, but it is sometimes hard to say when one crosses the line into the other.

Sometimes the setting on a respected concert stage, with imaginative lighting and costumes, and even a name with credibility on the program has fooled me. But, again, this takes us back to the subjective nature of classifications.

Something that is revealing or revolutionary to one may be familiar territory to another. Though art and entertainment do not have clear delineation, successful or good art usually blends these two modes of expression. This can occasionally be entertaining despite a lack of subtance — seeing humans do amazing things can be fun, for instance.

However, I think we have a threshold of tolerance for this.

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ADDITIONAL MEDIA Some might argue with even the practice of putting labels on things, but this is a blog about dance, I am passionate about dance, and given that, there are obviously some boundaries in my mind as to what constitutes dance and what does not.
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Perhaps increased exposure to that which operates above this baseline is a factor. Is it less interesting or harder to stomach that which seeks nothing more than to entertain? What is Dance and What is Not Those that dance or move have always, and are continuously, expanding what seems possible for the human body.

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That means delving into gravity defying, jaw-dropping spectacle at times. Remember, at one time a dancer on pointe shoes seemed revolutionary. However, there are occasions that someone starts out with one thing gymnastics for exampleinfuses it with dance elements, and then re-labels it dance.

Would you take a dance, add a bit of martial arts to it, and then call what you are doing martial arts? What do you think? Dance art seeks to expand the already giant container of dance, to push or blur our notions about dance or movement.

What makes something art? What makes something entertainment? What is your threshold of tolerance for either?

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How can you tell when something is dance and when it is not? Have you ever been surprised or confused by labels in dance?Art: Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Is dance considered an art or

This also includes other forms of art where creative thinking is involved. Mar 19,  · Best Answer: it's considered an art because it is performed/showed to people. but i consider it a sport because it is definitely physically demanding. it's expected your guy friend doesn't believe its a sport, but i disagree with Resolved.

Is dance considered an art or

Dance is art, not a sport. A sport is simply defined as, "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." Now, yes, some could say that competition dancing is a sport.

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May 23,  · Particularly as dance becomes a more common element in mass media, it’s important to think about what we value in dance and in art. Some might argue with even the practice of putting labels on things, but this is a blog about dance, I am passionate about dance, and given that, there are obviously some boundaries in my mind as to what constitutes dance and what does not.

Feb 08,  · Ballet itself is not a competitive sport; it is an art.


For years, the debate of art versus sport has angered ballerinas and has taken away the focus of the true artistry of dance.

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