Gamakatsu super heavy cover worm hooks

Customer Review Guidelines Comments: I was fishing in some heavy grass with 65lb braid and hooked the base of the grass and my hook bent out before the grass got uprooted. Plus, the keepers are fairly destructive on your bait when they get hit by a smaller bass instead of a big one.

Gamakatsu super heavy cover worm hooks

Warning Sometimes the plastic baits we use are just too thick and heavy to rig on a standard worm hook, so Gamakatsu created their Extra Wide Gap hooks.

With a regular Texas-rig, the point of the hook is pushed through the entire cross section of the bait and when a bass bites the lure, the plastic bait is pushed down exposing the point.

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If the plastic is too thick, not enough of the hook pushes through and the point cannot connect deep in the fish's mouth and you will either miss the fish completely or not hook it deeply and lose it on the first good run.

If you find this happening to you when you fish big plastics, try the Extra Wide Gap hooks from Gamakatsu. Try them with big creature baits, big Senkos, and those over sized worms with thick bodies.

Gamakatsu makes these hooks with the point in line with the eye of the hook so when you set the hook, all the force goes to the point to drive it through your plastic bait and into a hard, bony mouth.

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Hooks - Gamakatsu : Gamakatsu Worm Hooks - Anglers Warehouse But the pros know that's not quite true - there are many styles to choose from and gaining experience will help define which is best for your needs. Treble hooks are a great choice when using artificial lures, but also deliver solid performance with cut bait.
Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits :: Hooks :: Straight Shank Hooks :: Gamakatsu Straight Shank Black Hook Gamakatsu introduced two new hooks at ICAST and both the Wicked Wacky and Heavy Cover Worm feature innovations designed to make it easier for anglers to target fish with in very specific applications.
Place Your Order The Husky Jerk is a long casting, suspending jerkbait that can be fished at any speed.

These are probably the best selling bass worm hooks in the known world! We also offer these hooks in the economical 25 and packs Place Your Order."Gamakatsu's newest edition to the already proven "Nautilus" series of saltwater circle hooks comes the "Super Nautilus".

Heavy wire with forged for quality and added strength. This hook will undoubtedly become a favorite with the more demanding saltwater fishermen.". Fish Hooks from From the casual weekend angler to the catch-obsessed sports fisher to the trips to the sleepy fishing hole with the kids, fishing is .

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Buy the Gamakatsu Super Heavy Cover Worm Hooks and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. The Best in FishingLocal In-Store Pickup · Outdoor Rewards · % Guarantee · Free Shipping On $50+. Perfect for flipping into heavy cover, the Gamakatsu® Super Heavy Cover Worm Hook is indestructible.

Gamakatsu super heavy cover worm hooks

Combining a welded eye with non-flexing heavy duty cold-forged hook wire, this hook adds an oversized barb that holds hooked fish solid and a compact profile punch wire keeper that firmly secures worms so they stay rigged cast-after-cast.4/5(3). Find great deals on eBay for gamakatsu heavy cover.

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Gamakatsu Super Heavy Cover 3/0 Hook. 4-pk : Gagnon Sports