Embedded quotes in essays format

And experience should show you that it isn't real, that it's a movie. Life doesn't take you seriously, so why take it seriously. The Boston Red Sox slugger captivated millions with his dazzling swing and towering homers throughout the s and s in competition with New York Yankees hero Joe DiMaggio. They quickly became good friends, and Williams flew half his missions as Glenn's wingman.

Embedded quotes in essays format

Article titles For a glossary list article that consists of a simple lead and a glossary, the form Glossary of subject terms is preferred, with redirects to it from Glossary of subject, Subject terms, Subject glossary, Subject terminology, Subject jargon, Subject slang, and to comply with the more general naming convention of lists pattern of "List of subjects" List of subject terms.

For an article that mostly consists of a glossary list but has well-developed prose material on the history and use of the terminology, or other such information several paragraphs worththe form Subject terms is preferred, with redirects to it from Glossary of subject terms, Subject glossary and the other names remember that reader cannot guess whether or not the article has been developed in this way.

The links from the "glossary"-named redirects may go directly to the glossary section, if the historical and other material is lengthy.

For an article that is mostly on the history, development, spread, etc. It is reasonably likely that such an article will eventually split into a prose article and a stand-alone, more developed, glossary article over time.

embedded quotes in essays format

For a glossary of terms and characters used in a work or series of works of fiction i. Glossary of His Dark Materials terminology. The general advice at WP: Stand-alone lists Naming conventions e.

The sub-articles of multi-page split glossaries should follow the guidelines at WP: Naming conventions long lists to the extent applicable. In short, they should be named as the original main glossary page, with the letter or range of covered letters of the alphabet or numbers, etc.

Glossary of underwater basketweaving terms: A—M or Curling terms: N-Z must also exist as a redirect to the real article page.

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See the "Embedded glossaries" and "Using glossary formatting in non-glossary lists" sections, below, for related naming issues. This is a higher suggested limit than for normal articles, because we generally do not expect readers to work their way through a glossary from head to tail, so their length need not be limited by attention span, and a glossary's primary purpose is linking to specific entries and, crucially, in-page searching, which is broken by splitting.

On the other hand, very large articles take a longer time to load, especially for editing or previewing. When necessary, glossaries should usually be split into roughly equal chunks, rather than attempting to convert to summary style, or thinning out by narrowing the subject of the glossary.

For example, the first split of Glossary of underwater basketweaving terms could be into Glossary of underwater basketweaving terms: A—M and Glossary of underwater basketweaving terms: N—Zbut very long glossaries may need even more parts, and some glossaries will have some one letters' sections much longer than others.

If there are terms beginning with numbers or symbols, they should go before A, in sections of their own, unless there are enough of them to warrant their own subarticle. There are two good solutions for the original Glossary of underwater basketweaving terms title: Have it redirect to the first chunk, and include the original lead there.

Have it as a disambiguation page, with a full lead, and links to all the chunks. In either case, the other chunks should have summaries of the full lead, so that multiple different leads do not evolve.

The first method is simpler; the second is preferable for glossaries so long that they need more than three or four chunks, or list articles in glossary format but not in basic alphabetical order bicycles by manufacturer, wars by year, etc.

Care is needed in dividing glossaries into subarticles. Each sub-article must have its own references section, and these should be checked to be sure they still work.

Glossary infobox A glossary included within an article may occasionally be helpful for readers, either to understand an article's terminology better, to learn more about the terminology used in a field covered by the article, or both.Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles.

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Here is a quick guide on how to quote Shakespeare according to the standards set by the Modern Language Association (MLA). Format prose quotations that run more than four lines as block quotations.

embedded quotes in essays format

Start on a new line and set the quotation one inch in from the left margin. MLA Style Guide A Writing Handbook. Contact Dr. Womack. This page in a nutshell: Stand-alone glossary list articles, as well as in-article embedded glossaries, should be formatted in a consistent manner.

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