Drug testing business plan sample

Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be done last.

Drug testing business plan sample

Virtually every type of employer is guaranteeing a drug-free workplace. This makes a perfect opportunity for your business. People come into the office with a form detailing who has requested the drug testing, who will be paying for it, and what substances to include in the screening test.

The client is escorted to a private area and a sample is taken for testing. Depending on the type of test, you may collect urine, blood, or hair.

Drug testing servicedrug testing service - Business Plan #

Everything must be collected and labeled in front of the client. Next, the sample is either tested in-house or sent to a laboratory.

The results are recorded and sent to the party who requested the test. In some cases, two samples must be collected just in case there was a problem with the test or someone disputes the results.

Establishing A Location For Your Business While learning how to start a drug testing service, your first step will be finding a location. A comfortable waiting room should be provided with an office area for a receptionist to check in clients.

In the testing area, you should have separate rooms for each client along with bathroom facilities for urine collection.

Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template – Download Now. Simply fill-in the blanks and print in minutes! Instant Access to 1,+ business and legal forms. Download samples of professional document drafts in Word .doc) and Excel .xls) format. May 12,  · Reader Approved How to Start a Drug Testing Service. If you want to be a part of an industry that is in increasing demand, learning how to start a drug testing service can offer you a viable business opportunity%(). Free drug testing service drug testing service Sample Business Plan for drug testing service - Business Plan #

An assortment of sample containers and labels will be required as well as forms and information sheets. Cleaning and sterilization supplies, needles, bandages, and other first-aid items will also be required. You will also need computer equipment and software to keep track of client records, insurance information, invoices, and contracts.

Each time a sample is taken, specific procedures and protocols must be followed to establish a chain of command and indicate any signs of tampering. If you are going to provide testing services for government agencies, they will have strict laws on both the state and Federal level that must be followed, or the entire case can be thrown out of court.

In fact, you may even have to testify about the conditions of the sample collection in a court of law. While no special training is required to accept a hair or urine sample, only a certified phlebotomist is allowed to draw blood.

They offer certification programs for sample collectors along with annual exams for renewals. To operate a successful drug testing service, you should make sure that you maintain an environment where clients are comfortable coming to you for their drug testing needs. Frequently, the client will have a choice of facilities.

This process can be embarrassing in the best of circumstances.

Starting a Drug Testing Center – Sample Business Plan Template

If your office makes it more so, the client will simply go somewhere else. If you have a reputation of carelessness, it will become very hard to find or retain customers.

Request a listing on the approved list for insurance companies, court and government agencies, and drug treatment centers to find customers.

Many companies with government contracts are required to randomly test all of their employees. Becoming an approved testing provider for these types of businesses will draw in more business than any advertisement.

You could open a new location in a different part of town, or offer additional laboratory services. Many people require periodic testing for diabetes, cholesterol, or various diseases. If you would like to expand in a different area, consider training drug testing workers for other facilities.

As with any business, you will need various licenses and certifications to operate in a legal manner. Because each state and local government can implement their own regulations in addition to Federal requirements, you must ask your local government agency for the specific rules that apply to your industry.

In addition to the legal requirements, you should consult with an insurance agent who is experienced in your area of interest.

While insurance coverage may seem like a costly expense when learning how to start a drug testing service, it will help protect your investment from lawsuits in the event of any negligence on the part of you, your company, or your employees. Did you like it?Free drug testing service drug testing service Sample Business Plan for drug testing service - Business Plan # Add in the court-ordered testing for drug and alcohol offenses, and it’s clear that the drug testing business is a growth industry.

Learning How To Start A Drug Testing Service The basic operation when learning how to start a drug testing service is fairly simple. A sample drug testing & screening service business plan bundle can be found here.

drug testing business plan sample

Unlike many expensive business plan writing products that only give you a plain fill-in-the-blank software program or a generic business plan that has nothing to do with the business your are interested in.

accurate drug testing, employee access to drug testing records, confidentiality of drug test results, and centralized oversight of the Federal Government's drug testing program.* The purpose of the [Agency] Drug-Free Workplace Plan is to set forth objectives, policies.


How to Create a Winning Drug & Alcohol Detection & Testing Company Business Plan. You've heard that a quality business plan is the first step toward a successful drug and .

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy (Company name) is a drug and alcohol-free workplace. alcohol. I have read and understand this policy.

I understand that the refusal to submit to any drug testing required by this policy or a positive test result is grounds for disciplinary action up to and Overview of Sample Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy.

Starting a Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing Business