Dajjal the judeo christian civilization

The expression appears in The Antichristpublished in and written several years earlier; a fuller development of Nietzsche's argument can be found in a prior work, On the Genealogy of Morality. Theology and religious law[ edit ] Further information:

Dajjal the judeo christian civilization

As there is no Islam without Tawheed, it is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately this Tawheed is now misunderstood by the populace known as Muslim s - Tawheed is now understood as belief and faith in Oneness of Allah and worshipping Him.

Wahdaniyat means Oneness of Allah and Tawheed means sovereignty and unconditional obedience to that one Allah and Allah only. The Mushriq, polytheist Arabs among whom the last Messenger of Allah was sent had believed in only one Allah but did not obey Him, they conducted their personal, social and collective lives by laws, rules and regulations made by themselves and overseen by the Qurayesh, the priests of the House of Allah, the Qaba.

Dajjal the judeo christian civilization

But since obedience to that Creator was absent among the then Arabs the faith was useless, and consequently their lives were full of injustices, Dajjal the judeo christian civilization, turmoil, insecurity and blood shed, the Fasad and Safaqutdima[1] and hence the Messenger was sent to make them obedient to the Creator Allah which he did, and as inevitable result the society transformed into a society full of security, justice happiness and peace Islam.

They believe in One Creator but do not obey Him, do not conduct their collective lives according to His orders and laws, so they are de-facto Moshreqs Polytheists and Kafers disbelievers.

Present day Muslims do not understand and realize that the pre-Islamic stone and wooden idols have transformed into Democracy, Socialism, Fascism, Monarchy etc. The only difference between these and Islam is these manmade Dins cover only parts of human life, some with emphasis on political, some on economic, some on social aspects, but not the whole life while the Din-ul-Huque covers every aspect of human life from very personal to collective life even to the extend of whole mankind.

Dajjal the judeo christian civilization

Present day Muslims do not realise that Democracy has taken the place of the idol Hubal, Socialism place of Laat, Communism place of Manah, Nationalism place of Uzza, Dul kaffayan in place of Monarchy etc.

Dajjal the judeo christian civilization, this so-called Muslim populace is worse Moshreq and Kafer than those Arabs because those Arabs did not believe any of their idols as their Allah, the Creator and Sustainer but they worshipped those believing that by worshipping those they will attain nearness Qurbiyah of Allah [As for those who choose other guardians besides Him, saying: We worship them only because that they may bring us nearer to Allah.

They will intercede with Allah. But the present day idols do not have even that- there is no place of Allah in any cracies or isms, in fact these are completely oblivious to the existence of Allah.

I am fully aware of the gravity of calling the present one and a half billion people de-facto Moshreq and Kafer. But I would request my readers to react only after reading and thinking about the reasons I am putting forward for such opinion.

Allah has many names, said to be over one hundred, all meaning His attributes, but no one of the one hundred twenty four or two hundred twenty four thousand Messengers of Allah was sent with any of His names other than the Elah as the Kalema Word.

That is, though Allah is all of these, He is the only One to be worshipped, the Sustainer, the Creator etc. The real meaning of the word used in the Kalema i. Through the centuries, somehow, this meaning of the word Elah has been changed from obedience to worship. As the meaning of the word Hedayah Guidance, direction of the original Islam has been changed into Taqwa carefulnessAqidah into Iman, so has the meaning of the word Elah changed from obedience to worship.

At present all over the world, it is taught in the Madrasahs religious schools established by the Christians, that the meaning of the Kalema Word is that there is none to be worshipped other than Allah. The fault and misnomer of this is very clear.

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Besides being thrown out from the orbit of Islam i. The result of the change, misnomer of the word Elah has changed the very Aqida of this populace about the Kalema. The Aqida, which if wrong, renders all the amal acts of piety and the Iman Faith itself futile.

In its Aqida now there is no importance of obeying Allah, now it is enough to worship Him. This Aqida has got deep into the Psyche of the sub-conscious mind of this populace.

Take Ayat verse No. Here Allah is setting no pre-condition to the obeying, no worshipping, no Salah prayers no Zakah taxto the national fundno Hajj pilgrimageno Saom self-restrain, fasting not to speak of other minor piety and promising Paradise just for obeying Allah and His Messenger.

Or take Ayat verse No. Here also there is no pre-condition but only obeying, and where is the place where the august company will be but the Paradise?

His Messengers, the truthfuls, the Martyrs in His way and the righteous, to the worshippers or any other kind of people. So the meaning of the Kalema The Word can not be worshipping, it has to be obeying.

At the very first, one must commit himself to obey and then obey the order to worship Him. Obeying must come first, then worshipping.

Ponder over the Ayat No. Allah has no where said that obey Him because He is to be worshipped. One- Islam will remain a name only. Three- Mosques will overflow with worshippers Musullisbut there will be no Hedayah Guidance there. Four- The Olema learned people of my Ummah nation in those days will be the worst living thing under the sky.

Five- The Fitnah trouble, unrest, conflict created by them will eventually return upon them. Here the Messenger is clearly mentioning two different things- the Musullis of course gather in mosques for worshipping, and the Messenger is saying — there will be no Hedayah Guidance there.

This Hadis makes clear that worshipping Ebadat and Hedayah Tawheed, Sovereignty are two different things; the point I have been trying to make clear in the previous pages.

And that is exactly what has happened in this populace called Muslims. They do not understand that by doing so they have been thrown out of the Kalema The Word and hence from Islam itself, as there is no Islam without the Kalema.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. Jul 20,  · The Dajjal or the Judeo-Christian Materialistic Civilization has been given precedence, importance over all other things that have happened in this world, from the beginning to the end of time.

Therefore, it is proved beyond doubt that what the Hezbut Tawheed is resisting, e.g. the Judeo–Christian civilization is the Dajjal. Also, it is proven that Hezbut Tawheed is the group about which the Messenger of Allah prophesized so many centuries ago.

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Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. May 25,  · The Judeo-Christian Civilization!”, Islamer Prokito Ruprekha, Islamer Prokito Salah and of Course the Holy Qoran, The Holy Hadises, and The History of Islam, The Tawheed Production by Produced Dajjal Documentary Film.

Those Who Oppose Dajjal Will Be Immortal: Dajjal connected!