Benefits of going holidays

Benefits of Going to Rehab over the Holidays Benefits of Going to Rehab over the Holidays There are a lot fewer people going to rehab over the holidays. Drug and alcohol addictions often get worse over the holidays. Between holiday parties, the stress of being with family, and the loneliness that can accompany this time of year, people with drug and alcohol addictions often drink or use far more during the holidays.

Benefits of going holidays

You should follow me on Twitter here. For more, check out the archives. Have you taken a vacation yet? Live longer A State University of New York survey found that men who took annual vacations reduced their risk of death by 20 percent.

Improve your mental health A study by Wisconsin Medical Journal found that women who took frequent vacations were less likely to become depressed, tense, or tired. Women who rarely took vacations were likelier to have stress at home and sleep less.

A real vacation is the ideal time to reconnect and revitalize relationships that have taken a toll from an on-call, always-on, and work-obsessed culture. Yes, I too need a vacation. Recapture your childhood When was the last time you went out and play?

I mean really play. Without worry of someone calling or interrupting you. Real vacations let you recapture that feeling of childlike exploratory freedom.

You can wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, and eat what you want. Most importantly, you can have fun without worrying about the consequences on work back home.

When you skip vacations, you put yourself on sale.

By committing to a vacation, you declare to yourself and to others that you are important and deserve dedicated time for yourself.

Find creative inspiration Most of the year, we live on a schedule. We eat at the same restaurants, see the same people, and experience the same environment. This monotony reduces the opportunities for inspiration and for new ways of thinking.

By traveling to a foreign environment, we put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, and allow our brains to think differently.

Become more productive What? You can more productive by not working? By scheduling two weeks of vacation a year, you force yourself to make the other 50 weeks more efficient. Your scheduled becomes an award—a carrot.

This means more incentive to eliminate distractions, work more efficiently, and get things done. Create a vacation fund Put money into a vacation fund every time you get your paycheck.In the last week before holidays begin, feelings of good health and wellbeing decrease, particularly for women who additionally experience an increased workload at home.

But a holiday break offers more health benefits than meets the eye. We look at what they are we look at why holidays are good for your mind and body going on holiday may help to alleviate. Millions of American families could face a sparse holiday table when food stamps benefits get reduced in November, and that could be just the start of deeper cuts to the program to feed poor families.

Other benefits of going on holidays: Having a holiday can also boost your self-esteem and feelings of happiness, reduce your emotional exhaustion; increase your interest in work (though it . Nov 21,  · Here are the benefits of working on a holiday. the dozens of industries and jobs that don’t break for holidays will spend the day on the job.

Benefits of going holidays

be recognized by an employer for going the. William Reville: The psychological benefits of going on holiday Getting away from the daily grind is good for your health, but it’s important to avoid that smartphone.

Benefits of going holidays
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