An insatiable emptiness

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An insatiable emptiness

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Mind Mind Consciousness It seems obvious to us that external objects exist. It seems obvious that we have eyes, ears, noses, tongues, bodies, and minds that we use to interact with those objects.

An insatiable emptiness

It seems obvious to us that, if not six separate consciousnesses, we have at least one that interprets everything we take in about those external objects.

Well, what appears as obvious isn't so obvious, according to the Buddhists. From the view of ultimate reality all of this is empty as well — empty of any inherent self existence — and thus we can say there is no eye, no ear, Just as we said back at the beginning that there is no table, just some temporary accumulation of subparts that, when assembled in a certain way acceptable to all, we give the name of table, each of the eighteen elements don't exist as independent 'things' until we apply a label and give them their existence.

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In the world of emptiness, in that world of the Perfection of Wisdom, in that empty meditative state that Kanjizai was practicing as the sutra began, none of these exist.

There is no me, no body, no eye, no ear, etc. In the perfection of wisdom, there is nothing, manifesting as everything, inside that place where there is no time. At the start of our practice, we aim to reach this state on our zafus.

With patience and perseverance it will make its appearance, coming and going of its own will, until, one day, you convince it to stay. Of course, in conventional reality there are ears; there are sounds; there is a consciousness. But not in ultimate reality; not from the viewpoint of emptiness.

During meditation, there is no 'ear,' no 'sound,' and no 'ear consciousness' — there is just perception. There is just this single unified process of experience.

An insatiable emptiness

There is not a sound out there and a perceiver in here. They are not two That's the line you have to walk between ultimate reality and conventional reality and that is the viewpoint the Heart Sutra is trying to make us see and understand. The sutra isn't trying to teach us to live like blind, deaf, and dumb idiots, refusing to accept the reality of the conventional world, dismissing everything as empty, impermanent, and unworthy of notice.

What it is trying to teach us is that the conventional way we have been taught to view the world is not the only way it can and should be viewed. There is another way, through the view of ultimate reality.

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