A look at the rising use of heroin world wide and its effects

By Kristina Lindborg Correspondent newburyport, mass. Ana was a good student in middle school. She got above-average grades, seemed poised and self-possessed, and, like many of her friends in her charming coastal town north of Boston, was on a probable path to college. Then, during her freshman year in high school, she decided to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

A look at the rising use of heroin world wide and its effects

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It was used medicinally to control pain. Its addictive nature made it into the drug we know today. Not only is heroin highly addictive, but it is also illegal. Millions of people across the world use heroin every day.

Heroin is made from the resin of the opium poppy plant. It is refined into morphine, which is then made into heroin. People continue to use heroin in fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they stop. On the street, heroin is sold in different forms.

It can come in a powdered form, which is very fine in texture. This type of heroin tends to be either white or a light tan color.

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Typically, heroin will be mixed with other substances to decrease its purity. This allows the people selling it to make more money. True to its name, Black Tar Heroin has a dark color, and it is very sticky in its consistency. This type of heroin is not pure, and it is usually injected.

How is Heroin Used? Heroin can be used in a few different ways. Most people who use heroin will inject it into their veins. This is why track marks on the arms is almost a sure sign of a being a heroin addict.

Heroin can also be snorted, sniffed or smoked. The way people use heroin differs from person to person. Also, if the drug is more pure, it is more likely to be injected.

A look at the rising use of heroin world wide and its effects

Injecting heroin results in a high that is almost instant. The first high from heroin is also the best high. People often begin using heroin because they were using prescription drugs first. These individuals are used to snorting their medications to increase the intensity of the high.The explosion of drugs like OxyContin has given way to a heroin epidemic ravaging the least likely corners of America - like bucolic Vermont, which ha The New Face of Heroin: The Epidemic That’s.

international statistics An estimated million people in the world take opioids (opium-like substances), including million who use heroin. In , 93% of the world’s opium supply came from Afghanistan.

A look at the rising use of heroin world wide and its effects

Heroin has effects on the user after the very first time taking this drug. It is very powerful, and the effects of it tend to get worse as use continues.

The short-term effects of heroin use include. By Laura Aebi. While heroin can destroy a person’s physical and mental state, its devastating effects aren’t limited to the user. An addict’s friends and family feel the results of opiate addiction as well. Instead, its uptake as a recovery drug has often been painstakingly slow, even as the abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers became a national crisis.

A recent series of RAND reports found that the number of doctors certified to prescribe the drug still lags far behind the need in . Policymakers at all levels of government are attempting to address a nationwide increase in heroin abuse.

Use of the drug has tripled over the past decade, paralleling widespread misuse of prescription opioids, and overdose deaths have increased nearly threefold in the past seven years.

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